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Walmart, Other Employers Get Choosier About Workers’ Doctors

Companies find benefits in health-care costs and results with employees going to their selected doctors

By Melanie Evans
| April 4, 2019 900 a.m. ET

“The Bentonville, Ark.-based company also is working with startup Embold Health, founded by former Walmart executive Daniel Stein, to identify top-performing doctors in local communities.”

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Former Walmart Care Clinic Executive Launches New Health Analytics Company

Embold Health Identifies Providers Who Deliver High Quality, Necessary and Cost-Effective Health Care

May 7, 2018

Embold Health CEO Daniel Stein, MD, has experienced the health care industry from several perspectives — as a practicing physician, as chief medical officer of Walmart Care Clinics, and as an insider in the U.S. legislative and regulatory process. He saw the critical need for a science-based tool to empower employers, health plans and consumers to identify and choose top-performing providers who provide high-quality care when it’s needed, at the right cost. That’s why he founded Embold Health, to drive a seismic shift in health care, improving quality, reducing unnecessary medical care and decreasing costs.

“Embold Health analyzes whether doctors and hospitals are providing the best, most appropriate care for their patients,” Stein explained. “And, we evaluate the quality and cost of that care. By applying rigorous analysis to millions of medical cases, we identify providers who deliver high-value care across the United States.”

Key differentiators for Embold Health’s analytics platform include its comprehensive datasets, its rigorous clinically driven approach based on the latest medical science, and its focus on determining whether care was medically necessary and cost effective.

“More than $600 billion is spent on unnecessary medical care each year in the United States,” Stein said. “This is care that is not needed. Unnecessary care puts stress on patients, their families and our entire health care system. In the worst cases, patients experience complications and further illness from medical interventions they did not need.”

“We develop our recommendations based on analysis of a tremendous amount of data, including de-identified medical data for millions of patients,” Stein continued. “This means our analysis is based on fact, never projection.”

Embold Health is pleased to partner with employers, health plans and health systems with the goal of being a health care catalyst, creating a better experience for patients, doctors, employers and payers alike.